The Rinker Center for Entrepreneurship and Training is created to promote education, life-long learning and foster entrepreneurship and business development in Bulgaria. Priority areas for the center will be development of rural areas and spread of social entrepreneurship.

The Center is operated by Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation. Founded in 2014.

The programmes will focus on creating opportunities for meaningful employment, increasing competitiveness, added value and innovations in order to improve the quality of living in Bulgaria with a focus on rural areas.

The Center will work to teach and spread the spirit of entrepreneurship among children and adults through its main programmes. It will support the ongoing training and qualification of teachers – to use latest technologies, interactive teaching methods, understanding the needs of special students – disabilities, learning difficulties, ethnic minorities. Next, the Centre will support the development of active youth through specific training.


1. Programmes for children
a. Entrepreneurship training
b. Virtual training materials and games
c. "Sprouts" – a competition for business ideas developed by kids
d. Training and support to development of youth volunteering organisations

2. Social entrepreneurship competition
a. Call for entrepreneurs and their ideas
b. Workshops supporting business plans development
c. Selection and awarding venture scholarships to social entrepreneurs
d. Mentoring selected entrepreneurs
e. Continuous support to entrepreneurs.

3. Resource centre
a. Information on social enterprises, case studies, statistics
b. Information on funding opportunities
c. Business plans development online resources
d. Group and individual consultations on active calls for proposals

4. Regional programmes
a. Social entrepreneurship competition for region/sector or people from a particular target group
b. Programmes for children for the region


Pavel Panayotov

Entrepreneurship Programmes Director

pavel [at] bcaf [.] org

Тел: 02 // 987 1574, 981 1901, 988 0080